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What’s your best dish on the menu in 2021?​

Submit your most fabulous appetizer, entrée or dessert for the first-ever Best New Menu Item contest by Restaurant Hospitality.

Creativity is a driving force on independent restaurant menus and this year Restaurant Hospitality is launching a new contest to bring out some of the best-selling dishes.

We are looking for dishes that are currently on your menu for 2021 at independent restaurants or emerging chains (with fewer than 20 units). Submissions will be judged by the NRN/RH editorial team.

What we’re looking for: Innovation.

Send us the appetizers, entrees or desserts that spotlight this year’s trends, or are among your best sellers. These should be the dishes that knocked it out of the park this year. Dishes that would cause a riot if you took it off the menu.

The goal is to inspire and celebrate the artistry that is driving traffic in restaurants across the country. The winners will be unveiled online in September at and in the October print issue of NRN.

Submissions must include a description of the dish and what makes it special, a high-resolution photo (at least 5MB but preferably 10 MB), the name and location of the restaurant and contact details for the chef/creator. Restaurants can submit dishes in more than one category.

Additional details:

  • A high-resolution (at least 5MB but preferably 10 MB) JPEG photo is required.
  • The deadline for submissions is August 20th.
  • Winners will be revealed in the August issue of NRN and at and

This contest ended on August 23rd, 2021. Submissions are no longer being accepted.